Mauri Bernstein
Yeah, She's a ray of sunshine right up in your face.
Getting Stuff Done in Screen-Based Media

Getting stuff done in screen-based media, Mauri is a Vancouver-based Editor
with experience as a Puppeteer, Actor, Director, Writer, and Assistant Sound Recordist.
She has edited MOWs, directed theatre and short films, coached actors professionally, dramaturged plays,
 taught puppetry to improvisers and improvisation to puppeteers, and also worked as an audio assistant for reality television, an assistant record producer of show music, and a puppetry consultant for film and television.

Having been raised in “the biz,” she was performing in television commercials as an infant
and defending creative choices in the editing room at age seven. Really.

She is a graduate of New York University, having attended both Tisch School of the Arts and SEHNAP
and has part of a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute.

An avid home chef who secretly enjoys Zumba, Mauri seeks to simplify joy in everything.
A self-described “Wineau,” she has a penchant for pairing vegetarian food and made the victory lap a standard
at blind wine tastings.  She also does a perfect kookaburra impression.


Argent Talent/Tea Buechner (604) 417-1300

The Lliteras Group (310) 478-8398